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SSC CGL Books For Latest Syllabus 2018

Career is not built in a day. People work hard, practice consistently and follow the right path to achieve heights of career. If you are one of them and decided to clear SSC CGL exam 2018, you are at the right post to select best SSC CGL Books for exam preparation.

We assume that you are well versed with SSC CGL exam pattern and eligibility etc. and we are coming directly to exam preparation part. We would cover books as per SSC CGL syllabus 2018.

If you are in a hurry you can purchase all-time best ssc preparation material of your choice from given box.

Else you can read further this post as we will move with given points.
  1. Cost of Time vs. Cost of Good Books
  2. Tips related online purchase of Books for SSC CGL
  3. Four Quadrants and Four Types of SSC CGL Exam Aspirants
  4. Detailed analysis of Tier 1 Books.
  5. Detailed analysis of Books for Tier 2


Best Book for Maths
Arihant’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Best Book for English
Objective General English by S P Bakshi (Arihant)

Best Book for Reasoning
Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey

Best Book for General Awareness
Manorama Yearbook 2017 (English)

Previous Years’ Solved Question  Papers
Kiran’s SSC CGL Solved Papers (1999-2016)

Candidates who are applying for SSC CGL 2018 Exam will appear first in Tier I.Tier 1 of SSC CGL is of qualifying nature. Candidates need to secure minimum qualifying marks to become eligible for the next level of exam i.e. tier 2 exams. However, marks of Tier 1 will be considered for the final merit. 

BOTTOM LINE  - Try to Score Good marks in Tier-1 to get an edge in Final Merit.

1. Cost of Time vs. Cost of Good Books for SSC CGL

Most of the online readers look for free online SSC preparation material. No doubt, you can find reading material in pdf format which you can download but give a thought on given points.

i. You would be investing your precious time in search of those free reading material for which you are not sure whether they would meet the quality standard or not.

ii. Think about a piece of time, you would waste in organizing that scattered study material.

iii. Every time it’s not possible to read in soft format therefore, you would go to take a print of those pdf also.

iv. Even after doing all above things, you cannot get everything free which fit all requirements.

So, it’s always better to purchase good books for preparation of exams. Books come in an organized format. In your race to clear SSC CGL exam, you are not running alone. A large number of aspirants are also preparing for the same and working hard to clear exam. Your time is your money. Don’t waste it in search and download of free pdf of SSC books or other study material. Take a good book and start your preparation for SSC CGL exam 2018.

2.Tips For Online Purchase of SSC CGL BOOKS

Install App on your mobile and compare price on website and app before a purchase of the book. Sometimes, the price will vary. You know very well from where to purchase.

3. Four Quadrants and Four Types of SSC CGL Exam Aspirants

How much time you would need to prepare for an exam will depend on your type. Before purchasing any book from recommendation box; check yourself. Know about your category as per categorization is given below. One book for SSC CGL will not suit all categories; as requirements will vary from person to person.

Have Practiced
Not Done Practice
 ^ Practice / Concept->
Concept Not Clear
Concept Clear

Type A Candidate:

Candidates who are away from academics for a long time for some reasons and forgot all basic concepts and rules need the longest time for preparation. At one hand they forgot basics and another side they need to practice all. They need to have basic SSC CGL study material to go through the concepts. They should not directly jump over preparation books. They will waste their time by doing so. They should keep patience and should revise basics of all subjects.

Type B Candidates:

Few candidates have a very strong base of concepts and can explain topics very well. But, they don’t invest time in practice. Somewhere they get overconfident and fail to solve question paper in given time. They should take SSC CGL exam books with lots of exercises and must solve to increase speed.

Type C Candidates:

Most of the candidates fall into this category because they start solving exam books without clearing basics. They give their time in practicing but fail to reach a right solution. They believe that by doing more practice they would be able to solve papers. They feel that going back to basics is wastage of time. Actually, they are wasting their precious time in solving question banks etc. if their basics are not clear. They should take a book made for concepts.

Type D Candidates:

Ideal candidates are less in numbers. Their concepts are clear and consistently doing practice also. They should not stop till they get success. They should take a book of SSC unsolved papers and must attempt it with a timepiece.

4. Detailed analysis of Books for SSC CGL Tier 1

To cover entire syllabus, you can’t rely on a single book. You have to take help of minimum three books as your preparation strategy should move via three steps.
  1. Clarity of Concept given in SSC CGL Syllabus 2018
  2. Repetitive Practice to inherit concepts of SSC Syllabus 2018
  3. Efficiency i.e. speed improvement
Given is a collection of best books for SSC CGL, select your first book as per your type based on clarity of concept and practice done or required.

Your Type
Books Title
For Hindi Version
For English Version
Quicker Math by M Tyra  

SSC Mathematics chapter wise by Rakesh Yadav

Quantitative Aptitude Quantum (this book is mainly for CAT exam but also useful for SSC)

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations (R S Aggarwal) OR

Arihant’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Magical Book On Quicker Maths

Kiran Elementry & Advanced Maths
Kiran Chapter wise or Rakesh Chapter wise
Advance Mathematics By Rakesh Yadav

SSC Mathematics 7300+ objectives by Rakesh Yadav

Review of  SSC CGL Tier 1 Books given in above table

Magical Book On Quicker Maths

  • A fantastic book for novice
  • Covers Basic in approx. 40 lessons
  • Covers two ways of solving problems
  • Normal method and shortcut method
  • Good for SSC/Bank/Railway exams
  • Good collection of questions
  • User-friendly simple language
  • Easy to understand
  • Small size makes it easy to handle
  • Available in Hindi and English
  • Suggests tricks to increase speed.
  • Will make u fall in love with Maths
  • Buy one advanced maths book with it.
  • The presentation is not appealing

SSC Mathematics 7300+ objectives by Rakesh Yadav
  • Each topic has more than 200 questions
  • Questions are of various types
  • Questions are from previous year papers
  • Well explained as well as shortcut tricks
  • The book contains questions in both languages; ‘Hindi and English’
  • Missing Probability & Permutation Combination.
  • Cost is high in comparison to Kiran Prakashan.

Quantitative Aptitude Quantum by Servesh K Verma
  • Good for Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • You will understand how to make tricks
  • Will give you an edge over others
  • Mainly for CAT exam but useful for SSC

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations (R S Aggarwal)
  • Variety of questions
  • A large collection of questions
  • Suitable for practice by beginners but can’t rely only on it.

Arihant’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic
  • The lesser cost in comparison to R.S Agarwal
  • Well planned
  • Almost every type of questions with formula
  • Number of questions are less in comparison to R.S. Agarwal
  • Language and Presentation is very lucid
  • Several shortcuts are given
  • Will make you confident with Maths
  • Good for IBPS exams too
  • Worth to keep one copy

SSC Mathematics Chapter-wise Solved Papers 1999-till date by Kiran Prakashan
  • Must have Book for each SSC aspirant
  • Will help you to know the exam pattern
  • Old papers at one place
  • Divided into 22 chapters
  • The solution at the end of the book
  • Questions are divided into levels to help you to move step by step.
  • No. of questions per chapter varies from 150 to 350
  • Problem with binding quality

Advanced Mathematics general competition paramount publication By Rakesh Yadav
  • A masterpiece for advanced maths
  • Covers all topics
  • Questions divided into levels.
  • Tricks for Advanced maths
  • Printing quality is not good but readable.
  • Available in English
  • One of the best books for Math

SSC Advanced maths Vol 1 and 2 by R.K. Singha by Rukmni Publication
  • Available in Hindi
  • Collection of 800 questions

Rakesh Yadav Class Notes of Maths
  • Not for beginners
  • Helpful to increase speed
  • Utmost for revision purpose
  • English version

SSC CGL Tier 1 Maths Preparation Tips.

i. Divide full syllabus of Maths into 2 sections:

Advanced Maths
  • Number System
  • Average
  • Ration/Proportion
  • Profit & Loss
  • Discount
  • Mixture n allegations
  • Interest ( Simple n Compound)
  • Partnership
  • Time n work and
  • Speed Distance n time.

  • Algebra,
  • Trigonometry,
  • Geometry,
  • Mensuration,
  • Coordinate Geometry, Statistics
  • DI.

ii. Take one chapter at a time to build your base. 

You can take help of any coaching institute or you can watch video available on youtube. Try to cover a chapter in 3 to 4 hours.

iii. After that do practice with Rakesh Yadav Class notes.

iv. After completing all chapters, take Rakesh Chapter wise or Kiran chapter wise.

v. In the last solve previous year’s questions. Several model papers with answers are available in the market, take them for practice.

Very soon we will cover books for remaining subjects. Stay tuned with us for notification 2019.
SSC Notification 2018
Important Dates
SSC CGL  Online Application
5th May to 4th June 2018
SSC CGL Exam 2018 Tier-I
25th July to 20th Aug 2018 (CBE)
SSC CGL Tier-II Exam

SSC CGL Tier-III (Des)

SSC CGL Tier-IV Exam

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Share your SSC CGL Preparation Books in the comment box and help us to enrich this list.

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