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CLAT Syllabus and CLAT Books for Preparation

Get CLAT Syllabus along with suggestion for best CLAT preparation books to cover important topics of CLAT exam 2018. We have selected CLAT books as per latest CLAT syllabus and have done topic wise evaluation of all sections of CLAT question paper. However, if you are in search of CLAT Guide, you can pick any one book from popular category

Popular Books For CLAT Syllabus 2018 

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Clat Study Kit ( Legal Reasoning, English, Logical Reasoning, Mathematics And Legal Awareness & General Knowledge)
By Lexis Nexis

Universal's Guide to CLAT & LL.B. Entrance Examination 2017-18 (Old Edition)
By Universal Law Publishing

CLAT Syllabus 2018

CLAT Preparation Books for CLAT Syllabus of General Knowledge:

In CLAT exam 2018, general knowledge and current awareness plays a major role. If you will check previous years question papers, you will find that from this section 50 questions are asked.

In any competitive exam including CLAT, general awareness part comprise of Static GK and Current Affairs. Current affairs can be covered with help of a newspaper of national level. Newspaper should be read on daily basis without gap. However, in market several books are available for CLAT preparation but they cannot be alternative of newspaper.

CLAT Books of general awareness should always be read along with daily reading of newspaper. You can check given book for G.K.  Read this book along with your board preparation as you have to learn lots of things which are asked as part of static G.K.

The Pearson Concise General Knowledge Manual 2018
by Thorpe Edgar,‎ Thorpe Showick

CLAT Preparation Books for CLAT Syllabus of Legal Aptitude:

A student appearing for CLAT exam 2018 is expected to have inclination towards legal principles. But, it does not mean that they need to have in depth knowledge of various laws.

This part will also have 50 questions and will take time. So, you need to prepare this part. Important portion to prepare is ...

  • Law of Contracts,
  • Law of Torts,
  • Criminal law and
  • Legal GK.


Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning by A. P. Bhardwaj
This book covers…
Important Legal Terms and Facts
Introduction of various topics on legal awareness
Provisions of Civil Law, Criminal Law and Law of Torts
Practice test papers
MCQs and Mock test papers
Legal Aptitude (CLAT) by RK Gupta Taxman Publication
Taxman’s publication is a good option to read books on law and accounts. This book explains topic in detail and good for legal reasoning.
However, book has several mistakes in answers and beginners may get confused.

CLAT Preparation Books for CLAT Syllabus of English:

Any candidate cannot get proficiency in language in few days. It is result of persistent efforts. But, with a strategic preparation for CLAT exam 2018, candidates can develop sufficient skill to score. In CLAT exam, 40 questions are asked. Section of English will be based on 

  • Comprehension passages, 
  • Grammar and 
  • Vocabulary.

Do practice of unseen passages because at least one passage of 400-450 words would be there in the CLAT paper.

From grammar section common questions like; grammatical errors in the sentences, filling in appropriate words in a given sentence, etc. is asked.

Solving Wren & Martin is best option for the purpose. However, few more books are available. You can purchase any one out of links given below.

Objective General English for Competitive Exams - SSC/Banking/Rlwys/CLAT/NDA/CDS/Hotel Mgmt./B.Ed by Disha

Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi

Objective General English by N. Khurmi

CLAT Preparation Book for CLAT Syllabus of Logical Reasoning:

To attempt this section very well; CLAT aspirants need to do practice to increase their speed. As they have to solve 40 questions which could be from topics like…

  • Identify patterns,
  • Logical links and rectify illogical arguments,
  • Logical sequence,
  • Deductions or syllogism, analogies,
  • Odd man out,
  • Statement and assumptions.

Book By RS Agarwal

CLAT Preparation Book for CLAT Syllabus of Mathematics:

Last but not the least, Mathematics will comprise of 20 questions which will be from elementary mathematics. Candidates need to revise basic maths taught up to 10th standard.

Common topics are…

  • Number System
  • Percentage,
  • Profit and loss,
  • Average & mixture,
  • Simple interest & compound Interest,
  • Time and work,
  • Ration Proportion
  • Clock
  • Probability.

Book By RS Agarwal

 Admissions exam like JEE, NEET and CLAT need devoted strategy for success in exams.

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Best Book for Railway Recruitment Exam 2018-RRB Preparation 2019

This blog suggests best book for railway recruitment exam. Preparation for RRB vacancy needs devoted efforts. Maths, Reasoning and General Knowledge are to be prepared well for all RRB Jobs announced by RRB notification.

Best Books for Railway Recruitment Exam

Review of Books for Railway Recruitment Exam Preparation

Read one by one, as we have covered all subjects separately. Our review will help you to take a decision and you will be able to understand what to look when purchasing a book online. Group D books, books for loco pilot and other books for all technical and non-technical exams are covered here.


 Best Three Arithmetic Ability Books for Railway Recruitment Exam

Let's start with the subject which needs maximum time for preparation.

Book-1 for RRB Maths:

Take basic books from your school days to make all concepts very clear from the very beginning.

Book-2 for RRB Maths: Written by RS Agarwal

Objective Arithmetic: SSC and Railway Exam Special
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

You will find two books with two different titles as given above. You don’t need to buy both as both of them consist of almost same content. R.S. Agarwal is a well-known among aspirants of all competitive exams and he does not need any introduction. Lets’ directly come to positive and negative points of the book.

No doubt book is good to give a practice to your quantitative aptitude. I suggested above that first book you need your basic school books because R. S. Agarwal covers concept part in a hurry. If you are a beginner you would find problem to understand the chapter. However, book is full of practice questions. Tis book has different types of questions to sharp your mathematical skill.

Practice done with the book will help you to make the foundation strong. I would keep it in ‘must have’ category for all starters of competitive exams who need to polish their basics.

It also contains a detailed chapter on Data Interpretation to give you exposure of different types of charts. It covers all chapters of Arithmetic. On a first appearance, you may find mensuration chapter missing. But, this chapter is also given in the book. You need to check it with patience.

Of course, this book is missing a few important chapters like trigonometry and geometry but they are not asked in all competitive exams. Secondly, R.S. Agarwal doesn’t make any big change in its addition.

If you are taking this book for railway recruitment preparation, solve it with a pace. Finish it as early as possible.

Book-3 for RRB Maths: Written by Rajesh Verma

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

This book is one of best books for preparing maths for all competitive exams. Book has been designed intelligently to suit all categories of learners. I took this book after R.S. Agarwal because this book suggests shortcuts also. Beginners should not directly jump on shortcuts.

Finish R.S Agarwal very fast and after that start doing this book for Railway recruitment exam. This book covers concepts and divides problems in two levels; easy and difficult. In such a way it satisfies need of both aspirants who are weak in maths as well as who has a good flair for maths. RRB aspirants will find a bundle of questions to practice.

If you believe in running fast or having crunch of time you may directly come to this book for railway recruitment exam as it will help in fast reading with good organization of formula, shortcuts and questions.

Writer of this book has made a good compilation of maths formula. RRB aspirants will get formula collection at one place which will help them in making fast revision. Overall, worth to purchase for other competitive exams like SSC, IBPS and CDS too.

Other Popular RRB Preparation Books for Maths 

Don’t go after the advice of any person or online write like me. Read reviews of users and online rating before purchasing of any book for RRB. Apart from books given above, there are few more books for RRB which fall in the popular category.

 Book Title
Quantitative Aptitude Test
N.K Singh
Upkar Prakashan
Railway Recruitment Boards RRB (Non-Technical Cadre)

Solved Paper RRB (Non-Technical Cadre)

Railway Assistant Loco Pilot & Technicians Solved Paper & Model Practices - 1009 (Hindi)

Kiran Prakashan

Books for RRB vacancy

General Knowledge-Three Best Books For Railway Exam Preparation

Book-1 for General Knowledge

Lucent’s General Knowledge by Dr. Binay Karna and others

Most of the G.K. books in market come with collection of objective questions only. Whereas, this book explains topic in short paragraph. Though, content length is too short but good for beginners. General Knowledge is something which you can start anywhere.

It is a good book to strengthen your general knowledge ability. ‘Small Packet me Bada Dhamaka.’ If you are going for any competitive exams like RRB or SSC, this book could be read to make a base for general knowledge.

The book is good to start knowing and learning static G.K. but lacks with current affairs. Honestly speaking, current affairs should be read on daily basis with the help of a newspaper. For more, Manorama Year Book should be covered.


General Knowledge by Manohar Pandey

Check its cost and you would take it without giving second thought. It covers a vast portion of G.K. in seven sections. You can have a source of quick revision for given topics
Indian History,
Indian Polity,
Indian Economy,
General Science
General Knowledge and
Current Affairs.

Always take latest edition of any G.K. book for RRB to get latest news and event updates.


Manorama Yearbook by Mammen Mathew

This book does not need any introduction or review. If you are planning to appear in any competitive exam, you must know about it. No book in the market can be a substitute for it. It covers various sections ranging from Medicine to Literature.
This book is bulky and has lots of pages, therefore, sometimes aspirants may feel that their progress is very slow. They need to give it time. That’s why I kept it in the third position. To cover this book, divide this book in small modules and cover them on daily basis as per own plan.

Select your book for railway recruitment as per your patience level.

Top RRB Books of Reasoning for RRB Vacancy

Book-1 Analytical Reasoning by M. K. Pandey

If you genuinely go with my words, start preparing reasoning with this book.

This book should be read from the beginning to avoid any confusion. Though it covers only one aspect of reasoning, it will give you a strong base to attempt difficult questions in RRB or any other competitive exam. If you are looking for only one book covering the entire syllabus of reasoning for RRB, it will not suit you.

This book suits aspirants who start early. As this book is conceptual and aims to explain content. Each chapter is followed by fifty plus questions for practice purpose. If you are looking for a collection of questions only, it will not fit your requirement.
Books are available at a very reasonable price and worth to buy if you believe in the strong foundation.


A New Approach to REASONING Verbal & Non-Verbal by B.S. Sijwalii and‎ Indu Sijwali

Almost all competitive exams ask questions of reasoning. This book covers almost all topics of reasoning and useful for all competitive exams including RRB.

RRB aspirants will find reasoning syllabus divided into three sections

Verbal Reasoning (covers questions related to coding, clocks, and calendars, puzzles, patterns of series etc.)

Non Verbal reasoning (covers questions like substance classification, patterns to figure completion, imagining the mirror and water image etc.)

Analytical Reasoning (covers questions like cause and effect relationship, differentiating between statements and arguments, and arriving at correct assumptions etc.)

Book is structured in a systematic way. All the three sections have concept elaboration with all variety of questions.

In short, book is with detailed explanations, examples and exercises, genuine price, old question papers and good for self-study.

Other Popular RRB Preparation Books of Reasoning 

Book Title
A Modern Approach to Verbal
& Non-Verbal Reasoning
(Revised Edition)
R.S Aggarwal
Test of Reasoning
Edgar Thorpe

Check also books for SSC CHL as the syllabus of Railway Recruitment and other competitive exams are almost the same. Link to apply online for railway vacancy of different technical and non technical jobs will be updated soon.
If you want to add something valuable related RRB vacancy, RRB jobs and RRB notification which could be relevant for other readers, please leave your suggestion in comment box given below. Also share the name of your best book for railway exam preparation, if missing from the list given above.

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Best Physics Books For IIT JEE 2019-For Mains and Advanced

We will cover the series of best books for JEE in three parts, one for each subject, Let's start with Best Physics Books for IIT JEE 2019.


best physics books for iit jee

Choosing the right books for JEE preparation is a really confusing task for JEE aspirants. Once you come in class 11, you just start running around bookstores, online platforms to buy the books.

You seek suggestions from every second person which generally leads to incorrect selections. Here, we are with some handpicked suggestions to meet the requirements of all strata of students, from those starting their preparation to those who seek to gain extra command.

Here I have mentioned a grading system (marks out of 10) on the basis of difficulty and the order of books mentioned is from beginner’s level to masters!

Remember all books mentioned ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and gradation is purely for difficulty.


First Book for JEE Physics

Principles of Physics  by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker(Difficulty- 7/10)

This book is a good book and a panacea for basics and concept clarification. This book boasts of most elegant presentation of theory. If you are starting your JEE preparation you must refer this book for best clarity of fundamentals of physics.

In this book, the section of mechanics and the entire elector-magnetic section is by far the best in theoretical aspects. Concepts like diffraction and interference have also been covered in depth and what to say of modern physics, you need to be selective in studying modern physics theory as there is thorough coverage. Basics of semiconductors are also there.

For some topics like ray optics and fluids (topics like surface tension) are not covered in depth so you need to refer these topics from NCERT or CBSE books. These topics are not very conceptual so you won’t face many difficulties.

Other than that this book is a gem. Questions of this book are most underrated but are surely mind-boggling. Once you are done with reading theory, give these questions a try, there are plenty of questions.

Best part about its questions is that you have to apply concepts in real life scenarios like designing an aircraft wing, an auditorium in sound chapter!

After religiously studying and doing questions from this book for JEE, you can easily score 90+ in JEE mains and a decent score in JEE advanced.

Second Book for JEE Physics

New Pattern JEE Problems by D.C Pandey (Difficulty 8/10)

Practice makes a man perfect and this book has been designed with this motto in mind. Just like maths you need to rigor in physics as well.

Developing speed is very crucial in exams like JEE Mains and advanced. This book has plenty of questions of all difficulty level and of all pattern asked in new jee pattern like matrix matching and the integer type.

After reading theory and doing questions from Halliday & Resnick do this book in time bound frame and see the gains after you are done with chapter, you will be soaring with confidence.

The level is not very difficult as many prefer form beginning so remember that a weightlifter starts from lighter weights before going straight away to Olympic level.

If you have joined a test series then this book is sufficient to equip with jee mains level and some of the advance as well. The best aspect is to develop speed and confidence at which this book succeeds. Do this book for JEE and you won’t regret at all.

After fully completing this book you can score 100+ in Jee mains and 50-60% in Jee Advanced.

Third Book for JEE Physics

Books by Anurag Mishra (Difficulty 9/10)

There are five books in physics series written by Anurag Mishra for Jee mains and advanced. This is a kind of book from which teachers prepare themselves before taking classes at reputed coaching institutes. By this you can realise it’s level.

The real elegance of these books are their solved examples which are solved in smart manners and you learn a lot from them including conceptual tricks which help a lot in the actual exam.

In fact, as I said for Halliday Resnick regarding topics like optics and fluids. These topics are covered in depth here so your void is filled here.

There are abundant questions in these books for JEE and are graded in three difficulty level. You will feel its difficulty right from solved examples. Remember solved examples are VERY important from this book. Even jee advanced questions will seem familiar and comfortable after you had solved both examples and unsolved questions of a chapter from these books.

You may also read the theory a bit in topics you don’t feel confident even after reading from Halliday Resnick. The entire series is divided and covered in five books-

2. Mechanics-2
3. Heat and thermodynamics
4. Electricity and Magnetics
5. Optics.

After doing the entire series religiously I don’t think there is any reason why you won’t be able to solve any question in JEE 2019. Unless you don’t do any silly mistake, you will surely score 115-120 in jee mains physics and at least 80% in jee advanced.

Fourth Book for JEE Physics

Problems in General Physics by I.E Irodov(Difficulty 9.5/10)

Perhaps the most reputed and read book among preparatory texts for JEE. Though this book is not specifically meant for JEE but is extremely helpful for jee preparation.

After doing Anurag Mishra this book won’t seem much difficult and you will comfortably sail through this book and master the tides and storms of really tough questions asked in physics at this level!

You must consult your teacher or online forums before starting this book for JEE preparation as some topics are beyond jee scope (coriolis force in mechanics and some topics of modern physics).

Do the right portion that is meant for JEE and you will gain utmost clarity in every topic of jee physics. Topics like rotation, electrostatics are most feared by jee aspirants and they are best covered in this book. Even jee advanced questions would seem peanuts after rigorously solving this book for JEE!

After you are done with these four books(from Halliday to Irodov) you are fully equipped for jee mains and advanced. You can now easily score 120 in jee mains and 85-90% in jee advanced if you don’t commit some silly mistakes.

These books are by far self-sufficient for JEE Physics preparation and your dependence on coaching is minimized. But for those who are extremely hungry and some time remaining after these books may consider the following book for JEE. The following book is meant for those who do not want to settle for anything less than AIR top 50.

Fifth Book for JEE Physics

Pathfinder for Olympiad & JEE Physics (Difficulty 10/10 or perhaps even higher ;) )

Even if your teacher knows about this book, He won’t recommend this to you unless he feels you to be a prodigy.

Though this book is mainly meant for physics Olympiads and you are advised to stay away from it if you don’t have much time. If you are looking for questions and answers both; you would get disappointed as this book does not come with a solution.

But if you have time and guts to endeavor the most difficult problems at 11-12th class level then go for it. Do not lose hope while doing this book and once you are done with this even partially but religiously trust me you are now far ahead of your competitors and are at par the finest teachers in coachings.

This may seem a lot of boasting but buy this book and see for yourself. JEE advanced top 50 is surely yours (at least in physics); if you can withstand and complete this Pathfinder book!

Link to buy Top 5 IIT JEE Books for Physics-2019 

This was all that was necessary and sufficient for jee physics preparation. You must keep revising questions which teach you something. Make notes of theory and keep revising. Persistent efforts are necessary for succeeding in JEE.

We will cover books For JEE Chemistry and JEE Maths in subsequent sections.

If your friend is preparing for NEET, read books given in link and help him/her.

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